7724745514_7eee2bae66_zSt Maarten, a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is located in the Caribbean. On the northern part of the island is the French Collective of Saint-Martin. With a population of around 37,000, St Maarten’s capital is Philipsburg which is situated between Great Bay and the Great Salt Pond and is the commercial center of the island. First spotted by Christopher Columbus during his second journey to the West Indies in 1493, St Maarten was coveted by the Spanish, French, and Dutch Today, St Maarten is a tourist destination for people looking for spectacular, pristine beaches that range from quiet and secluded to beaches great for gawking at at planes flying close to the ground or participating in water activities.

Travelers converge on St Maarten for its immaculate beaches, beautiful wildlife areas, including Paradise Peak, Maho Beach and Pinel Island, delicious restaurants, beach bars and exciting nightclubs. It is possible to take a car in Car Rental St Maarten and easily get to all the attractions around. St Maarten, in between the Caribbean Sea in the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the south, boasts 12 beautiful beaches. They include Dawn Beach, Burgeaux Bay Beach, Mullet Bay and Maho Beach. The beaches of St Maarten are unique, beautiful, and must be seen to be believed.

With no major resorts nearby, Burgeaux Bay Beach is quiet with visitors making it feel like a private beach. While feeling secluded, Burgeaux Bay Beach is close to other attractions such as beach bars, casinos, restaurants and other entertainment. Maho and Sunset Beach Bar are within walking distance of this intimate beach. The picturesque sunsets are the major draw for this quiet beach.

Dawn Beach on the east side of St Maarten sports striking views of the ocean. With its popularity rising, many enjoy the white sand beach and the snorkeling done in the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa take up most of the beach, visitors still flock to this beach at sunrise to enjoy the view.

Mullet Bay near Princess Juliana Airport and south of scenic Cupecoy Beach also has lovely white 5320504793_24123d1c17_zsand and gentle waves coming into the uniquely shaped bay. Enjoyed by locals for the surfing and professional golf course, Mullet Bay welcomes many visitors each year. Mullet Bay is geared towards families picnicking on the weekends with crystal clear water and plenty of room to lay down a blanket.

Situated on the Caribbean Sea, Maho Beach sunsets are breathtaking. Maho Beach is most famous for the its proximity to Princess Juliana Airport and the planes touching down daringly close to the beach. Flanked by the Maho Resort and the Royal Islander Club, Maho Beach attracts many visitors and not just for the planes but for the white powdery beach. Several resorts, beach bars, and restaurants are nearby this beach.

The fabulous beaches of St Maarten offers a little something for everyone from intimate, out-of-the-way beaches of Little Bay, Burgeaux Bay Beach, and even Simpson Bay to the popular and active beaches of Great Bay Maho Beach, and Mullet Bay. Come and explore one or all of these beaches for yourself.